Xela in watercolor by Almiux19

A gorgeous picture drawn of Xela shown here with kind permission from my best friend Alma, though the colours are a bit off.

Hey there, my name is Alex but my friends all call me Xela, after my persona. I am 18 years old and live in the country of Wales in the United Kingdom. I first got into making fancharacters back in 2004 when I discovered by accident the online gallery of an Italian girl called Irene. From looking at her art, I was inspired to create my own persona based off hers, Eerin. However Eerin was a Klonoa fancharacter, while the one I made was far more Sonic based. Xela is my main persona, and is a young cross between an otter and a fox (or more precisely, a Kawauso and a Kitsune) who is the Great Grandson of Miles "Tails" Prower, though that is where their relationship ends and Xela knows very little about Tails's existence, there are several other characters associated with Xela, and I will list them here. My fandoms are very widely ranged, from Nintendo, to Sony, to SEGA, and worlds from other media besides videogames, such as books and films, most of my fancharacters have backgrounds from these fandoms, which I will explain in detail on their pages.